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TOA SOUND SYSTEM System Amplifiers VM‐2120

TOA SOUND SYSTEM System Amplifiers VM‐2120


System Amplifiers

The VM-2120 is a multifunctional amplifier that can be mounted in an EIA-Standard equipment rack (3-unit size). The unit comes with 4 audio inputs including the background music input, and the speaker output section which has an internal attenuator and 5-zone selector. It permits not only general-purpose broadcast, but also Emergency Broadcast based on the EN60849 Standard which gives pre-recorded voice instructions (optional EV-200M is required) in the emergency situation. Broadcast can be made from an optional RM-200M Remote Microphone as well as from the amplifier, and can be remotely controlled from external equipment. In addition, for 100 V› application the unit features the surveillance function (optional SV-200MA is required) which automatically checks the system for failures.

► Programmable system management amplifier

► 120 W or 240 W

► 5 switchable high impedance speaker zones with adjustable attenuators

► 9 units can be combined to increase the output power and number of zones

► 4 input channels come with volume and bass/ treble control on the front panel

► Both BGM inputs with level pre-adjustment

► The routing to the zones of the 3 microphone/ line level inputs and the telephone paging input can be pre-set

► Emergency power input, remote power control, 7 built-in chimes etc.

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