Farenhyt Fire alarm WIDP-PHOTO

Farenhyt SWIFT® wireless detectors are intelligent (addressable detectors
which provide secure, reliable communication to the Fire Alarm Control
Panel (FACP) across a Class A mesh network. Wireless detectors create
an opportunity for applications where it is costly (concrete walls/ceilings,
buried wires), obtrusive (surface mount conduit), or possibly dangerous
(asbestos) to use traditional wired devices. In addition, both wired
and wireless devices can be present on the same FACP providing an
integrated wired-wireless solution for increased installation potential.
The SWIFT detection line includes a photoelectric, photo/
thermal, standard fi xed heat, and rate-of-rise heat detectors. The
photoelectric detectors transmit a digital representation of smoke
density through a wireless mesh to a gateway and on to a FACP. The
photo/thermal detectors combine a photoelectric chamber and
a 135°F fi xed temperature heat detector. The fi xed heat detector
and rate-of-rise detectors utilize sensors designed for open area
protection with 50 foot spacing capability as approved by UL 521.
All sensors offer addressable code wheels and two LEDs. The LEDs
are controlled by the panels. Operation modes include red, green, and
amber colors with various solid or blink patterns.The mesh network
within the SWIFT system creates a child-parent relationship between
the devices so that each device has two parents providing a second
path for communications on every device. If one device can no longer
operate for any reason, the rest of the devices can still communicate
with each other, directly or through one or more intermediate devices.
The SWIFT system also engages frequency hopping to prevent
system interference whether intentional or accidental

(FARENHYT) - انذار الحريق FIRE ALARM