NOTIFIER FIRE ALARM Transponder Monitor Module XP10-M

The XP10M Notifier ten-input monitor module is an interface between a control panel and normally open contact devices in intelligent alarm systems such as manual call points, break glass alarms, or flow switches.

Ten addressable initiating device circuits.
Removable 0.75mm2 to 1.5mm2 plug-in terminal blocks.
Status indicators for each point.
A maximum of 2 unused addresses may be disabled.
Rotary address switches.
FlashScan® or CLIP operation.
Flexible mounting options.
Mounting hardware included.
The first address on the XP10-M is set from 01 to 150 and the remaining modules are automatically assigned to the next nine higher addresses. Provisions are included for disabling a maximum of two unused addresses.

The supervised state (normal, open, or short) of the monitored device is sent back to the panel. A common SLC input is used for all modules, and the initiating device loops share a common supervisory supply and ground – otherwise each monitor operates independently from the others.

Each XP10-M module has panel-controlled green LED indicators. The panel can cause the LEDs to blink, latch on, or latch off.To ensure proper operation, this module should only be connected to a Notifier Inertia addressable analogue FIP.

(Notifier) - انذار الحريق FIRE ALARM