What is pelco security camera ...

What is pelco security camera ?

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Pelco is the top tier choice when security is the highest priority in and around your home or business, their security cameras deliver high performance under any conditions. Designed with multiple applications in mind, from bright to poor lighting, Pelco cameras can withstand any extreme weather condition. Built by Schneider Electric, Pelco security systems offer products designed to meet the strong demands of the modern security professional.

IP cameras, such as the award-winning and top-rated Sarix IP camera, and industry leaders such as the Esprit Integrated Positioning System, as well as the Spectra Dome, are utilized around the world. Both national and international companies of all sizes trust their security needs to the unquestionable quality of Pelco cameras.

For ultra-hazardous locations, such as offshore oil rigs and military outposts, the new ExSite camera systems are explosion-proof and favored by local, state and federal governments. This camera is constructed of 316L Stainless Steel and performs exceptionally, even in temperatures between -76F and 140F. For small to medium businesses, network and analog cameras are available for every industry. Pelco also features integrated and specialty cameras, high-speed and fixed domes, pan/tilt systems and every accessory necessary to provide a secure environment for your operation.

Pelco offers three types of security cameras. The first one, network cameras, deliver stunning image quality that is incomparable to any others on the market. These network cameras offer full frame rate video as well as all the functionality that your security application demands. Pelco gives you the security industry’s most powerful PTZ IP and fixed security cameras. Features of these models include a range of up to 5MP, being conformant with ONVIS Profile S, and the use of SureVision 2.0 WDR Technology. Models include Sarix and Spectra.

Pelco also manufactures three types of high-resolution analog security cameras. Features of the company’s analog cameras include fixed dome, bullet and PTZ cameras, which are available with Infrared (IR) technology, as well as fixed or varifocial lens options, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Analog models include Spectra and Camclosure. Pelco continues to invest in the development of products in order to meet the needs of today’s important security applications.

Finally, Pelco offers specialty camera systems. These special designs were developed for the harshest indoor and outdoor environments and the most sensitive security applications. Pelco is proud to offer the security industry's most comprehensive line of specialty camera systems, specifically engineered for high-level security applications. Some features of these specialty cameras include being analog and IP capable, thermal imaging, explosion-proof bodies and housing, available temperature measurement and fully integrated PTZ. Models include Sarix TI, Esprit and ExSite.

No matter the security application your needs require, Pelco provides the equipment for even the most extreme environments. With all documentation available on their website as well as tools to help you calculate field of view, 3D camera placement software and more, support is comprehensive and always available. Pelco has been providing confidence in security since 1957.


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