HONEYWELL 4193SNP Two-zone inp ...

HONEYWELL 4193SNP Two-zone input expander

HONEYWELL 4193SNP Two-zone input expander


This zone input device is an addressable two-zone input expander for

Honeywell V-Plex® addressable systems. It is ideal for systems where

additional zone inputs are required. The device provides a supervised

and unsupervised zone that is compatible with any conventional detection

device providing a dry contact output. Examples of these devices are door

and window contacts, motion, glass, smoke and heat detectors, Fire Pull

Stations and help-request buttons. It can also be used to monitor machine

status outputs for normal, trouble and alarm status, environmental conditions

and in other critical status applications.


• Can be located anywhere along the two-wire addressable V-Plex® bus

• Converts any conventional detection device to an addressable device.

Conventional detector must provide dry-contact output.

• System automatically learns device serial number so no DIP switch addressing is required

• Small size fits easily into most sensing detector enclosures or splice boxes

• Two zone inputs: one supervised with 10K EOL resistor, one unsupervised loop

• Loop 1 provides a broad, 300 ohm tolerance

• Supervised for open, shorted or normal circuit conditions

• UL Listed for commercial burglary and fire alarm applications

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