HONEYWELL 4297 Extender module

HONEYWELL 4297 Extender module

HONEYWELL 4297 Extender module


Isolation / Extender Module

The 4297 V-Plex Loop Isolation/Extender Module offers dual benefits for

commercial applications. As an isolation module, the 4297 allows installers

to group selected zones on one loop. For example, fire and burglary zones

may be grouped separately; essentially isolating one from another.

This isolation feature prevents failure in one loop from compromising

the integrity of any other loop. The 4297 Module also gives installers

the flexibility to extend system-wide wiring capability, from approximately

4000 ft to 8000 ft., without the added expense of additional hardware or control panels.

• Isolate open and short circuit faults from main V-Plex loop

• Provides additional V-Plex loop current

• V-Plex loop isolation between primary and extended loop

• Fully supervised

• Separate DC input, no current drain from primary V-Plex loop

• Monitors DC power input

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