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TOA Sound System Mixer Power Amplifier A‐1803 ER

Versatility plus
The A-1800 Series amplifiers are distinctive for their input
versatility. Each has three mic inputs, three auxiliary
inputs, an emergency input as well as a telephone paging
input. Paging can be initiated and the chime function can
also be set to automatically output to two zones.
Phantom power provided
The A-1800 Series of amplifiers provide phantom power
to all connected microphones. Phantom power can be
switched on or off as needed. The microphone inputs
feature a balanced configuration with XLR connectors,
allowing long cable runs without any problems.
2 Zone coverage
A-1800 Series amplifiers feature 2 speaker
zones to which broadcasts can be sent
independently or combined as desired.
Emergency broadcasts will be heard in
both zones. Even when the amplifier power
is switched off, an emergency broadcast
will be initiated to both zones.
Chime on input
The Mic 1 input incorporates chime on capability when
the optional PM-660D Paging Microphone is used. Chime
on can also be activated for the telephone paging.
A selection of chime tones are available such as single,
two-tone and four-tones which can either be in ascending
or descending order.
Each amplifier allows easy tonal
adjustment of all output signals
with bass and treble controls.
Line output
A line output is useful for adding more power in a
particular zone by providing the input signal for a booster
amplifier such as the P-1812.
Remote control
In an expanded system with the P-1812 amplifier, an
emergency will activate the P-1812, even if had not be
switched on to enable the broadcast.
Record output
The back panel includes a record output for connecting an
external recorder to archive or back up broadcasts.

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