Bosch AL800LGK9E Logic Board, ...

Bosch AL800LGK9E Logic Board, al800lgk9e

Bosch AL800LGK9E Logic Board, al800lgk9e

Product Highlights

• Class 2 rated power-limited outputs

• Two (2) Class A or two (2) Class B FACP inputs

• Two (2) NC dry contact trigger inputs

• Two (2) Class A or four (4) Class B notification circuits of which two (2) Class B outputs may be paralleled for more power on a notification circuit

• One (1) auxiliary power output at 1 A supply current with battery back up

Product Details

The AL800LGK9E Logic Board is a replacement board for use in the AL802-WAL NAC and AL1002WAL Power Extender enclosures.

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