TOA Ambient Noise Controller M ...

TOA Ambient Noise Controller Module AN-001T

Modular Digital Matrix Mixer for a multitude of applications including
audio-visual, zone paging, room combining and many more
Dual Modes (MIXER and MATRIX) –two separate feature sets to suit
both simple mixing and complex multi-zone distribution applications
Easy to Configure and Operate
Exceptional Audio Quality
•24-bit, 48 kHz sampling
•Low Distortion - 0.008%
Modular System–up to 8 mic/line inputs and 8 outputs
Dual Channel Digital Signal
Processor (DSP):
•10-Band Parametric EQ
•High and Low Pass Filters
•Compressor •Loudness Contour
•Bass and Treble •Delay (MIXER mode)
•TOA Speaker EQ Presets
•Additional DSP included on D-001T,
D-001R and T-001T modules
Telephone Zone Paging–access up to eight
zones with optional ZP-001T module
Ambient Noise Control–automatically increase or reduce output levels in response to
changes in ambient noise
Multi-function Display allows programming
and operation without a PC
Rack-mount Kit Included (2RU)

Ideal for Speech and Sound Reinforcement Applications in hotel
meeting rooms, houses of worship, and conference rooms
Automatic Mixing
•Automatically adjusts output level based on the total number of open
 microphones (NOM)
•Adjustable output attenuation from 0 to 20 logNOM
32 Programmable Scenes – activate via front panel, switch closure,
RS-232 or optional remote panels, models ZM-9001, ZM-9002 and ZM-9003
Flexible Input-to-Output Routing – assign any input to one or more
outputs with adjustable cross-point gain

Multiple Simultaneous Event Activation for paging and BGM
distribution applications
Flexible Routing – each audio input can be simultaneously routed to
multiple outputs
Eight Level Ducker – assignable priority levels and mute depth
attenuates all other lower priority input signals
32 Programmable Events – activate via control input, RS-232 or
optional remote panels, models ZM-9001, ZM-9002 and ZM-9003
Input Priority Modes sets priority order when multiple inputs with the
same priority level are broadcast
•First-In-First-Out (FIFO): input that occurs first is broadcast
•Last-In-First-Out (LIFO): most recent input is broadcast
•MIX: all inputs are mixed and broadcast
Voice Operated (VOX) Event Activation with adjustable threshold/sensitivity and gate release time



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