Bosch 16 Input/Output Extensio ...

Bosch 16 Input/Output Extension Board, API-AMC2-16IOE

Bosch 16 Input/Output Extension Board, API-AMC2-16IOE

Product Highlights

• RS485 connection to the AMC2 controller

• Three models available one with 8 inputs & 8 outputs, one with 16 inputs & 16 outputs, and one with 16 inputs

• Status of inputs and outputs shows on AMC2 LCD display

• Transfer rate to EXT interface (RS485): 9,6 kBit/sec

• The AMC2 Extensionboards can be supplied with the PBC-60 power supply unit with integrated UPS

Product Details

The AMC2 16I-EXT extension board can only be used with the AMC2 access controller and provides additional input and output contacts. The AMC2 controller has eight input and eight output signals. The AMC2 determines the door status (open or closed) via the analog input signals. The electronics are located in a plastic housing, similar to the one on the AMC2 controller. The AMC2 16I-EXT has 16 analog inputs.

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