Bosch Standalone Controller wi ...

Bosch Standalone Controller with Inputs and Outputs, API-AMC2-16ION

Bosch Standalone Controller with Inputs and Outputs, API-AMC2-16ION

Product Highlights

• Intelligent access manager for one to eight entrances

• Four interfaces include the reader power supply

• Standard 2 GB compact flash

• LCD display for displaying information

• Self-controlling send and receive switching

Product Details

The AMC2 (Access Modular Controller) is used as an access controller in the access control systems ACE (ACCESS ENGINE) from version 2.0 onward, Access Personal Edition, and Access Professional Edition. The device controls a group of one to eight access points. These access points, also known as entrances, mainly consist of doors, gates, barriers, turn stiles, revolving doors, mantraps, ID card readers, door opening elements and sensors. The AMC2 can control up to eight ID card readers (depending on the reader type) and is designed for fully processing the access logic at the assigned entrances. Status checks can be carried out using the eight analog inputs. The eight relay outputs are used to activate the door opening elements and/or generate the security activation and signaling. The AMC2 stores all necessary information in a battery-buffered memory and a compact flash storage element so that, even when the unit is offline, it is able to carry out independent authorization checks on access points, take access decisions, control closing/opening elements and register movement events.

The AMC2-16ION board provides 16 inputs and 16 outputs to control doors and other components independent of access control system. The AMC2-16ION standalone board (hereafter also referred as AMC2 or controller) are deployed via a dedicated OPC-Server. Though similar in appearance to the AMC2-4W and AMC2-4R4 controllers, the AMC2-16ION has no reader interfaces, but is intended instead for the efficient monitoring and control of many devices, especially entrances, simultaneously. The AMC2-16ION has 16 analog inputs and 16 relay outputs. Via its inputs the module can determine the status (e.g. locked, closed or open) of entrances, windows or other devices, and its output signals can lock/unlock doors, or trigger alarms with external monitoring systems in the case of an intrusion.

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