Bosch ARD-AYBS6260 Lectus Duo ...

Bosch ARD-AYBS6260 Lectus Duo 3000 C, MF Classic

Bosch ARD-AYBS6260 Lectus Duo 3000 C, MF Classic

Product Highlights

• RS485/OSDP and 26 Bit Wiegand interface

• For use with MIFARE classic cards and key-fobs

• IP65 rated for indoor and outdoor use

• Wall or mullion mount

• Tamper switch

Product Details

The LECTUS duo 3000 classic line consists of two readers for MIFARE classic cards and transponders. They support the data record of Bosch coded MIFARE credentials and the CSN of ISO14443A cards as well. Both readers provide a 26 Bit Wiegand and RS485/ OSDP host interface, selectable easily by DIP switch. When operating in RS485/OSDP mode up to eight readers can be connected to a respective controller, e.g. AMC2-4R4. Reader address is settable via four DIP switches individually. Running in that mode readers can be easily supervised. Three LED indicators and a beeper give clear feedback to the user during operation. The reader’s logo is illuminated in the dark. The reader is IP65 rated and fits for indoor and outdoor use.

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