Bosch ASL-APE-SW Access Person ...

Bosch ASL-APE-SW Access Personal Edition Software

Bosch ASL-APE-SW Access Personal Edition Software

Product Highlights

•  Compact access control based on Bosch’s innovative AMC controller family

•  Easy installation for quick setup

•  Minimal PC and Operating System requirements

•  Multi-user system with definable user profiles

•  Easy upgrade to BIS/ACE through import of existing cardholder and device data

Product Details

The introduction of access control in a company is often done in several small steps. At first only a few central areas are monitored. As system needs expands, access control may become part of an integrated security system. Access PE allows you to start small. Your investment is always safeguarded, because it supports the same controllers as Bosch’s large scale project based systems. If you need to expand your system at a later date, the door leading to an integrated management system including AMC access control is wide open.

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