Bosch Multiplex Input-output M ...

Bosch Multiplex Input-output Module, D7053

Bosch Multiplex Input-output Module, D7053

Product Highlights

• Use with D7024, DS9400M, or FPD-7024 Addressable FACPs

• Fits into a standard double-gang or four-inch square back box

• Easy addressing using rotary switches

• Low current draw

• UL Listed

Product Details

The D7053 Multiplex Input-output Module is a general purpose device that monitors a normally-open (NO), supervised contact device and provides a separately controlled Form C relay output. The module connects to the multiplex bus in either a Class A (Style 6) or Class B (Style 4) configuration. All operating power for the module is drawn from the control panel's multiplex bus. Rotary switches allow convenient address setting. An on-board status LED on the module indicates normal, alarm, and trouble conditions and is visible on the module or on an attractive, low-profile faceplate.

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