Bosch D9127U POPIT Module, d91 ...

Bosch D9127U POPIT Module, d9127u

Bosch D9127U POPIT Module, d9127u

Product Highlights

• Provides point identification of initiating devices

• Supervises wiring to devices for circuit integrity

• Expands the number of points in the system

• Compact size

• Terminal connections for reliability

Product Details

The D9127 Series POPIT Modules includes the D9127U . They are used with a D8125 Addressable Expansion Module when there is a need to expand a compatible control panel beyond its standard number of on-board initiating zones or points. Future system expansion is very economical as D9127U Series POPITs can be added anywhere along the two-wire data expansion loop from the D8125 module. Both modules include proven technology that combines zone and point supervision with individual device addressing on one pair of wires. Screw terminals provide reliable connections for the data expansion loop and supervised sensor loop wiring. Install a 33 kΩ end-of-line resistor at the farthest point on the loop for proper supervision. The units are small and easily installed in standard outlet boxes, above false ceilings, closets, or other accessible locations.

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