Bosch Camera Control License, ...

Bosch Camera Control License, DCNM-LCC

Bosch Camera Control License, DCNM-LCC

Product Highlights

• Automatically shows current speaker on display of multimedia devices

• Interface for Onvif Profile-S compliant IP (including Panasonic and Sony cameras)

• Automatically discovers Onvif Profile-S cameras

• Controls HD-SDI video switchers

Product Details

The DCNM-LCC from Bosch is a camera control software module makes it possible to interface the DCNM-LCC Conference System and the DCNM-LCC Wireless System with Bosch Onvif Profile-S compliant IP cameras. It selects the activation of fixed or pre‑positioned cameras (such as Bosch HD Conference Domes), so that the current active speaker can be displayed during a meeting.