Bosch License for Language Sel ...

Bosch License for Language Selector at 1 Seat, DCNM-LSSL

Bosch License for Language Selector at 1 Seat, DCNM-LSSL

Product Highlights

• Intuitive interface for switching between floor language and other available languages

• Name of selected language is clearly displayed using original name and characters

• Interpreted speech can be listened to via headphone output of DICENTIS Multimedia device, DICENTIS Discussion device with touchscreen or DICENTIS Discussion device with language selector

Product Details

The DCNM-LSSL seat licenses allow the functionality of the DICENTIS Devices to be extended to suit the participant’s needs. The ‘DICENTIS Select Language at Seat license’ enables the language selection feature of the DICENTIS multimedia, or Extended Device. An individual license is required for each DICENTIS Device that requires language selection. The license is supplied as an activation code and is enabled in the same way as other activation codes in the DICENTIS Conference System.