Pelco DSSRV2-040-US 128 Channe ...

Pelco DSSRV2-040-US 128 Channels Network Video Recorder without Optical Disk Drive, 4TB

Product Details The Digital Sentry Network Video Recorder is optimized by Pelco to deliver the essential hardware support for the DS NVs video management software (VMS) without the extra cost or risk of integrating hardware and software. Boosted by the 4th Generation Intel Xeon processor and 8 GB of RAM, DSSRV2 NVR provides an optimal combination of processing power and reliability to meet the demands of HD video recording and playback operations. The system is powered to support up to 128 combined IP and analog video streams, with up to 64 analog cameras supported via the optional ENC5516 direct-attached encoder. Analog streams are also supported using Pelco and third-party encoders. The NVR boasts total throughput of up to 350 Mbps (300 Mbps for JBOD models) for recording analog and IP video streams as well as playback and export through the DS Control Point client. When determining the maximum number of cameras and the desired frame rate to host on each system, the number of concurrent client connections, the number of streams played back per client, and the bandwidth required for client connections must be considered. It functions as a stand-alone system or as part of a a network of servers monitored from the DS Control Point user interface. Two-gigabit network ports provide for convenient network architecture planning by allowing one port to be dedicated to IP cameras, while the second network port is used for client connections. Two DisplayPorts ports provide a convenient connection for high-resolution digital monitors for use with HD cameras. Features Increased data rate of up to 350 Mbps (RAID) or 300 Mbps (JBOD) total throughput, allowing the server to support more users and playback more cameras simultaneously than previous DSSRV models SSD system drive, with increased read-write speeds and no moving parts, increases overall system responsiveness and reliability Supports up to 128 IP Camera Streams; up to 64 Analog Cameras Records H.264, MJPEG, and MPEG-4 IP Streams Supports Pelco and Third-Party IP Cameras and Network Encoders Compatible with DS Control Point for Simultaneous Monitoring of All DS Series and DX Series Products in a Single Client Interface Network Health and Event Monitoring Support Through SNMP and New Digital Sentry® System Information (DSSI) Utility Compatible with the DS Archive Utility Recording Rate Configurable per Individual Camera VideoXpert Ready. Migrate to VideoXpert, bringing your products forward into a next-generation VMS

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