Ceiling Mount Dual Tec® Motion Sensor with Mirror Optics and Anti-Mask*

Designed for high security commercial indoor environments and large residences, the new ceiling mount DT8360 DUAL TEC® motion detector series with anti-mask* technology quickly detect intentional and accidental masks or attempts to block the detector, ensuring a trouble condition is immediately sent to the control panel. A 360° field-of-view and an extremely dense and wide detection coverage reduces the need for multiple detectors. Anti-masking technology combined with Honeywell patented sensing technologies, high quality mirror optics and microprocessor-based DualCore signal processing, will improve catch performance and reduce false alarm and trouble conditions.

Beneath the two-piece, easy-open enclosure, installers will find easy access to the wiring terminal and built-in features which simplify the installation experience and reduce installation time. Furthermore, the new detectors come equipped with integrated EOL resistors with easy selectable DIP switches** or two wire V-Plex® technology***. A flexible mounting height adjustment dial and an enhanced flash light walk test will reduce time and trips up and down the ladder. 

* DT8360ACM and DT8360ACM-SN only
** DT8360CM and DT8360ACM only
*** DT8360CM-SN AND DT8360ACM-SN only

Part Number

DT8360CM, DT8360ACM, DT8360CM-SN and DT8360ACM-SN


• High Detection Coverage
360° field-of-view, extremely dense and wide detection 

coverage compared to the similar products of the market.

• Mirror Optics
Mirror optics provide the most reliable technology,

offering the best detection/ false alarm ratio.

• V-Plex® Patented Polling Loop Technology
DT8360CM-SN and DT8360CM-SN sensors are compatible

with Honeywell control panels that support V-Plex devices,

using two-wire loop technology which offers significant advantages

over peer-to-peer wiring or the conventional four-wire multiplex to 

save you time and money.

• On-board EOL Resistors***
No need to add external resistors for zone supervision. 

Simply flip a DIP switch to suit your control panel.

• Removable Terminal Strip
Our new, easy-access removable connector provides

flexible wiring and easier mounting during installation.

• Alarm and Tamper
The DT8360 Series is equipped with a energized Alarm Relay

(Form A), Trouble Relay (Form B) and a Cover and Wall Tamper Relay 

(Form A) for maximum detection reliability.

• Digital Adaptive Microwave Thresholds
DT8360 Series digitally adjusts thresholds to account for room 

disturbances such as ceiling fans and other repetitive moving

objects. The result – excellent false alarm immunity even in “active” rooms.

• Self-test Patented Solution
The detector tests the full microwave circuit periodically by sending

and receiving a test signal. In case of any anomaly, the detector

triggers the anti-mask/trouble relay.

• Advanced DualCore Signal
Processing (DUAL TEC®) Supports a multitude of advanced functions, 

including concurrent diagnostics, digital fluorescent light interference

filter, digital adaptive microwave threshold, adaptive baselines and

bidirectional temperature compensation.

• Superior IR Anti-mask Protection*
Highly sensitive active infrared anti-masking feature can easily

detect blocked, sprayed, or obstruction attempts to disable the detector.

• PIR White Light Immunity
A patented black bug guard reduces false alarms by providing 

6,500 lux of white light immunity. This helps reduce false alarm

problems caused by lights, flashlights or reflective objects.

• Coverage Pattern Masking
A set of 60° masks are provided for masking undesired areas

(60°, 120°, 180°or 240°). 

• Flashlight Walk Test
Reduces installation time as the walk test can be enabled by 

simply waving a flashlight at the detector. Automatically times out.

• Vibration Patented Solution
Built-in shock feature. In case of vibration, this component overrules 

the PIR signal and assures the device stays in dual mode permanently.

• Quick and Easy Installation
Integrated srews, adjustable mounting slots and a rotating mountain

height adjustment dial enable a quick and easy installation for nearly

all surfaces and ceiling heights.

• Flexible Mountings
Surface or flush mount on ceilings (flush mount kit DT8300-FMK optionally availble); 

The range is obtained at a mounting height of 8’ (2.4m) to 26’ (8m).

Max. detection range at 26’ (8m) is Ø 70’ (21m).