TOA SOUND SYSTEM Boundary Micr ...

TOA SOUND SYSTEM Boundary Microphones EM‐600

TOA SOUND SYSTEM Boundary Microphones EM‐600


Boundary Microphones

The EM-600 is an omnidirectional condenser microphone of only 28 mm (1.1") in diameter designed for sound pick-up application. It can be flush-mounted into a ceiling, wall, or desk, making it unobtrusive. It provides clear and high-quality sound.

► Wide frequency range provides well-balanced sound with clarity and a satisfying tonal response

► Unobtrusive design allows easy flush-mounting in walls, ceilings, and desktops

► Optimized to deliver best performance when used on a desk or attached to a ceiling

► A 50 Hz low-cut filter reduces intrusive noise, such as air conditioner rumble or door opening/closing

► Two rubber isolation rings provided as an accessory serving to reduce vibration

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