NOTIFIER FIRE ALARM Character Display Annunciator FDU-80

FDU-80 NOTIFIER, 80 Character Display Annunciator. “Security Keypad” mechanical design. For use with the NFS-320,NFS2-640, NFS-640, NFW2-100, and NFW-100.
The FDU-80 Notifier is a compact, cost-effective, 80-character, backlit LCD remote Fire Indicator for use with the NOTIFIER NFS2- 640 and NFS-320C Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs). The FDU-80C mimics the display of the control panel and displays complete system point status information.

80-character Liquid Crystal Display.
Mimics all display information from the host panel.
Control switches for local piezo silence and lamp test.
System status LEDs for Power, Alarm, Trouble, Supervisory and Alarm Silenced.
No programming necessary — FDU-80C connects to the terminal port on the FACP.
Displays device type identifiers, individual point alarm, trouble or supervisory, zone and custom alpha labels.
Time-and-date display field.
Aesthetically pleasing design.
May be powered from the host FACP or by remote power supply (requires 24 VDC).
Up to 32 FDU-80C annunciators per FACP.
Plug-in terminal blocks for ease of installation and service.
Can be remotely located up to 1828.8 m from the FACP.
Local piezo sounder with alarm and trouble resound.
Semi-flush mounts to 5.556 cm minimum deep, three-gang electrical box (NOTIFIER P/N 10103) or three-gangable electrical switchbox.
Surface-mounts to NOTIFIER SBB-3 surface backbox.