TOA SOUND SYSTEM Coaxial Array ...

TOA SOUND SYSTEM Coaxial Array HS‐150B

TOA SOUND SYSTEM Coaxial Array HS‐150B


Coaxial Array

One of the most difficult speaker requirements to satisfy is a cost-effective mid-size speaker system that offers high quality sound no matter what the application. TOA HS-Series speakers are equipped with narrow-directivity control (90° horizontal × 40° vertical). This useful feature allows tailoring the speaker's dispersion characteristics to better suit the acoustic environment in which it is installed. The versatile HS-Series is compatible for use with 100V/70V lines for distributed applications. The HS-Series speakers are exceptional in offering useful features at an attractive price.

► 15“ LF speaker

► Well-controlled sound coverage: 90° horizontal x 40° vertical

► Easy to carry and easy to install, with handle for easy transportability

► Low impedance version

► Twin input terminal connections (Speakon® and screw terminals) for fixed and mobile installation

► Size and weight have been reduced thanks to the use of the array tweeter

► Can be used as a floor monitor

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