IDP-PULL-DA Addressable Pull S ...

IDP-PULL-DA Addressable Pull Station - Fire Alarm

The IDP-Pull-DA Addressable pull station is a non-coded, dual-action manual pull station with a key-lock reset feature. It provides Silent Knight intelligent fire alarm control panels (FACP) with one addressable alarm initiating input. The addressable module is housed inside the pull station. The IDP-Pull-DA is compatible with all Silent Knight intelligent panels that use the Intelligent Device Protocol (IDP). Refer to the FACP Installation Manual to determine if Intelligent Device Protocol is supported. The IDP-Pull-DA meets the ADAAG controls and operating mechanisms guidelines (section 4.1.3[13]), and the ADA requirement for a 5 lb. maximum pull force to activate the pull station. Operating instructions are molded into the pull station handle along with Braille text. Molded Terminal numbers are also present. Ratings Normal Operating Voltage: 24VDC. Average Operating Current (LED Flash): 300 µA. Temperature Range: 32°F – 120°F (0°C – 49°C). Relative Humidity Range: 10% - 93% non-condensing. Installation The IDP-Pull-DA Addressable pull station can be surface mounted to a SB-I/O surface backbox or semi-flush mounted on a standard single-gang, double-gang or 4˝ (10.16 cm) square electrical box. The optional BG-TR trim ring can be used if the IDP-Pull-DA is to be semi-flush mounted. Operation To activate the dual-action pull station, push in and pull down on the handle. The word ‘ACTIVATED’ appears after the handle is pulled down. This will remain until the pull station is reset. The pull station includes one Single Pole, Single Throw (SPST) Normally Open (N/O) switch which closes upon activation of the pull station.

(FARENHYT) - Fire Alarm