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American Dynamics IPP02P6OSWTT Illustra Pro 2 Megapixel 30x PTZ Camera Outdoor, Vandal, Smoked, White

Product Details

The exceptional speed of the Illustra Pro PTZ 30x coupled with ultra-low latency performance gives security personnel the ability to accurately track subjects in mission-critical applications. The camera tracks a scene with the precision you would expect from an analog PTZ camera. The Illustra Pro PTZ 30x employs zoom-adjusted program (ZAP) technology to automatically control the pan and tilt speed in proportion to the amount of zoom used, delivering precise pan and tilt control. Exceptional gearing and braking designs deliver pan and tilt speeds and accuracy that surpass the maximum speed and return-to-position accuracy of competitive HD PTZ cameras. Using programmed presets and tours, the Illustra Pro PTZ moves into position at 512° per second. In its automated modes, the camera delivers HD video from scene to scene in just fractions of a second.

The 30X PTZ supports motion detection with auto-tracking capability. The intelligent Guard Tour feature combines motion detection, auto-tracking and, preset sequences or scans to allow the PTZ to perform independently using its embedded intelligence to zoom-in, track, and record suspicious activity in the scene. While moving through a preset tour without an operator controlling the camera, the Guard Tour Feature enables the camera to deliver the video evidence necessary for identifying subject activity in forensic investigations.

With advanced features and functionality, the Illustra Pro PTZ 30x offers superior surveillance. Motion detection, auto-tracking analytics with “Intelligent Guard Tour” feature, electronic image stabilization, True Wide Dynamic Range (TWDR), enhanced intensity control, auto defog and frame noise reduction all work to ensure excellent video quality is maintained in even the most complex lighting environments. Exceptional video quality, HD resolution and advanced optics provide for precise forensic surveillance capability. For example, the 30X PTZ enables reading license plate characters at a distance of over 1000’ from the camera. The combination of advanced features and premium perfomance make the Illustra Pro 2MP 30X PTZ a must have for any critical infrastructure installations where high performance surveillance is required.


  • Leading speed and performance – moves to position at 512° per second
  • Ultra-low latency for accurate camera tracking control – analog-like control percision in a full HD, 1080p IP PTZ
  • Powerful 30x optical zoom, 12x digital zoom
  • Impressive video quality in high contrast lighting with true wide dynamic range 96db
  • Advanced features including motion detection, electronic image stabilization, and auto defog
  • Superior low light performance with enhanced highlight intensity, whiteout reduction
  • Efficient bandwidth use to reduce network traffic and save on storage costs
  • Motion tracking analytic with Intelligent Guard Tour feature
  • exacqVision Edge Ready
  • IK10-rated on outdoor models