Bosch LC5-WC06E4 6W Ceiling Lo ...

Bosch LC5-WC06E4 6W Ceiling Loudspeaker

Bosch LC5-WC06E4 6W Ceiling Loudspeaker

Product Highlights

• Suitable for speech and music reproduction

• Extreme compact size

• Suitable for use in humidity, chlorine- and salty environments

• Selectable 70 V ,100 V and 8 Ohm input

• EN 54‑24 certified

Product Details

The LC5-WC06E4 from Bosch is an extreme compact ceiling loudspeaker, suitable for speech and background music reproduction. The design of the front grille perfectly matches with current available recessed luminaires, integrating light and sound. The optional back‑box LC5‑CBB fully protects the rear of the loudspeaker from dust and dripping water from above, making the combination IP 44 protected. The loudspeaker frame, grille and back‑box are manufactured from self‑extinguishing ABS according to UL 94 V 0.

This ceiling loudspeaker is suitable for use in low ceiling applications with low noise level. The small driver used in the unit stands for delivering good sound quality from a small sized unit and provides a wide opening angle for the important frequency octaves. Fewer loudspeakers are needed to cover a given area, and the noticeable “fading” that occur as a listener walks from one loudspeaker to another area is eliminated. The loudspeaker (with assembled back‑box) is suitable for use in humidity-, chlorine- and salty environments.

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