Bosch LH2-UC06 Horn loudspeake ...

Bosch LH2-UC06 Horn loudspeaker, 6W, Compact Marine

Bosch LH2-UC06 Horn loudspeaker, 6W, Compact Marine

Product Highlights

• Suitable for marine and industrial applications in humidity-, chlorine- and salty environments

• Tough, high impact ABS material with UL94 V0 fire‑retardant properties

• Water– and dust‑protected to class IP 67

• Type approval certified EN 60945

Product Details

The compact Horn Loudspeaker LH2‑UC06 is specifically designed for excellent sound reproduction in marine applications and other industrial environments. The units are rugged, water- and dust-protected, and resistant to the corrosive effects of seawater and most industrial atmospheres. The horn loudspeaker is made from a high impact ABS material. This strong, fire-retardant and corrosion resistant material is chemical resistant and thermally stable, making it ideal for even the harshest environments. The horn is standard supplied with corrosion resistant ABS mounting bracket. (4.33”) in a wall or ceiling by means of 4 screws (not standard supplied). In this case, the bracket is removed and 4 marked holes – at the rear of the horn rim – needs to be drilled.