Bosch MH-300-DM-A4M Single-Sid ...

Bosch MH-300-DM-A4M Single-Sided Premium Lightweight Headset, A4M Connector

Bosch MH-300-DM-A4M Single-Sided Premium Lightweight Headset, A4M Connector

Product Highlights

• For Professional Applications

• Modular Design with Replaceable Parts

• Noise-Cancelling Microphone

• Audio Level Limited

• Conforms to EU Directive 2003/10/EC

Product Details

The MH-300-DM-A4M Single-Sided Headsets and Headphones provide the newest design in headset technology from Bosch. Designed with you, the user, in mind with its rugged, modular design, lightweight construction, installation options, and its multi-function use beyond the live studio or theatre venue. The modular design allows you to interchange modules to allow for the best headset configuration for any environment. The noise-cancelling microphone, combined with the headphone transducers, provide clear and precise communication in noisy environments. Finally this headset is not limited to to live studio or venue communications. By installing the appropriate module, you can connect to an MP3 player or any other type of audio device and listen to the programming of your choice. The Headsets are designed to provide clear communications for professional applications including live remote or studio broadcasting, film, TV, and theatre intercom communications. The Headsets and Headphones are audio level limited and conform to the EU Council Directive 2003/10/EC. The time-weighted average of noise exposure levels for a nominal 8-hour working day is not expected to exceed 85dB SPL and a peak of 137dB SPL.


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