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TOA SOUND SYSTEM IP Multifunctional Master Station N‐8600MS


IP Multifunctional Master Station

The N-8600MS is an IP multifunctional master station employing packet audio technology. Connecting the N-8600MS to an IP network (LAN or WAN) permits hands-free or handset conversation of high sound quality to be made between the N-8600MS and intercom stations connected to the IP Intercom Exchange, or between the N-8600MS units. Besides, the N-8600MS can be used in conjunction with the Multi Interface units through a network. The Multifunctional Master Station provides LCD display, Auto-dialer function enabling one-touch dialing, headset terminal and external speaker terminal. Power can be supplied from the PoE (Power over Ethernet) switching hub. (In this case, an AC adapter is not required.) This station can be mounted to the wall using an optional YC-280 wall mounting bracket.

► With LC-Display

► Hands-free or handset conversation

► Auto-dialer function

► Headset terminal

► External speaker terminal

► High sound quality

► PoE

► Status LED

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