NOTIFIER NFS-320 Intelligent F ...

NOTIFIER NFS-320 Intelligent Fire Alarm Panel Includes door, dress panel


Intelligent Fire Alarm Panel; Single Printed Circuit Board with one SLC loop (318 devices),  - Back-lit, 80 Character Display, System and Programming  Keypad and 6.0A Power supply, 120 VAC, Includes door, dress panel and back box, Black.


The NFS-320 intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel is part of the ONYX® Series of Fire Alarm Controls from NOTIFIER. As a stand-alone small-to-medium system, or as a large network, the ONYX Series of products meets virtually every application requirement. Designed with modularity and for ease of system planning, the NFS-320 can be configured with just a few devices for small building applications, or for a large campus or high-rise application. Simply add additional peripheral equipment to suit the application. NOTE: Unless called out with a version-specific “C” or “E” at the end of the part number, “NFS-320” refers to models NFS-320, NFS-320C, and NFS-320E; similarly, “CPU-320” refers to models CPU-320, CPU-320C, and CPU-320E.


• One isolated intelligent Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) Style 4, 6 or 7.

• Up to 159 detectors (any mix of ion, photo, thermal, or multi-sensor) and 159 modules (N.O. manual stations, twowire smoke, notification, or relay). 318 devices maximum.

• Standard 80-character display.

• Network option — 103 nodes supported (AFP-200, AFP300/400, NFS-320, NFS-640, NFS2-640, AFP1010, AM2020, NFS-3030, NFS2-3030, NCA/NCA-2 Network Annunciator, NCS Network Control Station, or ONYXWorks™ Network Control Station) using wire or fiber-optic connections.

• 6.0 amp power supply with four Class A/B built-in Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC). Selectable System Sensor, Wheelock, or Gentex strobe synchronization.

• Built-in Alarm, Trouble, and Supervisory relays.

• VeriFire® Tools offline program option. Sort Maintenance Reports by compensation value (dirty detector), peak alarm value, or address. • Autoprogramming and Walk Test reports.

• Optional universal 318-point DACT.

• 80-character remote annunciators (up to 32).

• EIA-485 annunciators, including custom graphics.

• Printer interface (80-column and 40-column printers).

• History file with 800-event capacity in nonvolatile memory, plus separate 200-event alarm-only file.

• Alarm Verification selection per point, with tally.

• Autoprogramming and Walk Test reports.

• Positive Alarm Sequence (PAS) Presignal.

• Silence inhibit and Auto Silence timer options.

• March time / temporal / California two-stage coding / strobe synchronization.

• Field-programmable on panel or on PC, with VeriFire Tools program check, compare, simulate.

• Full QWERTY keypad.

• Charger for up to 90 hours of standby power.

• Non-alarm points for lower priority functions.

• Remote ACK/Signal Silence/System Reset/Drill via monitor modules.