NOTIFIER FIRE ALARM NYX Exit Point directional sound speaker PF24V

The ExitPoint directional sounder model PF24V has an integral audio amplifier that produces a pulsating sound consisting of broadband low-, mid- and high-range sounds. The broadband noise makes it possible to determine the location of the sound. There are four pulse patterns that can be used to create an egress pathway out of a building and to mark perimeter exits. In addition to the broadband noise, the sounder is capable of playing an alert message in the form of a recorded voice message or other audible signals. These messages instruct occupants of the correct action to take as they approach the directional sounder, and enable them to react quickly and confidently when the sounder is activated. Fifteen different language combinations are avail able to instruct occupants that they are nearing an exit, a stairway up, a stairway down or an area of refuge. The PF24V directional sounder also incorporates an optional disable feature for use in conjunction with a control module or heat sensor.

The directional sounder features a number of field-selectable power settings, including high, medium-high, medium, medium-low, and low. Its low profile compact design and its ability to flush mount in a 4" 4" 21/4" back-box provide installation ease a nd pleasing aesthetics.

ExitPoint directional sounders, fitted in addition to normal building evacuation sounders, draw people to evacuation routes in both good and poor visibility. The PF24V directional sounder can be used in a wide range of building applications. Trials consistently have shown an improvement of up to 75 percent in evacuation times in smoke and up to 35 percent without smoke. NFPA 72 provides installation and maintenance guidelines on directional sounders.

Listed to UL 464 and ULC S524 (indoor applications only)
Designed to effectively guide occupants along escape routes in unfamiliar surroundings or in areas with poor visibility
Includes five field-selectable power settings
Reduces evacuation times by s much as 75 percent
Includes four field-selectable routing evacuation patterns
Works in open areas, corridors and stairs
Provides fifteen different language selections
Provides an optional disable feature for use in conjunction with a control moduler heat sensor
Has a compact design with a low profile