Bosch RE92H Premium Hanging Mi ...

Bosch RE92H Premium Hanging Microphone, Cardioid Black

Bosch RE92H Premium Hanging Microphone, Cardioid Black

Product Highlights

• Wide, Smooth Frequency Response

• Cardioid Polar Pattern

• Available in Black or White

• In-line Electronics Module

• Transformerless Differential Output to Drive Long Cables

Product Details

The RE92H from Bosch is a professional quality miniature cardioid, electret condenser microphone. It’s designed specifically for applications where the microphone needs to be suspended from above the sound source. The RE92H has a cardioid polar pattern for high gain-before-feedback, and its condenser element provides clear and natural sound reproduction. Exceptionally high sensitivity, a uniform cardioid polar response, and smooth frequency response make the RE92H ideally suited for distant sound pickup.

The RE92H is ideal for theatre, houses of worship, or any application where a small, high quality mic needs to be “heard but not seen”. The microphone is available in two colors, RE92H (Black), and RE92HW (White). The integrated wire director can be easily formed at the proper angle so that the mic points at the desired sound source. The RE92H comes supplied with 25 feet of cable. The cable is attached to the inline module by means of screw terminals, so that if needed, the cable can be easily shortened.

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