Bosch RE97-2TX-BEIGE Omni 2-Si ...

Bosch RE97-2TX-BEIGE Omni 2-Sided Low-Profile Headworn Microphone

Bosch RE97-2TX-BEIGE Omni 2-Sided Low-Profile Headworn Microphone

Product Highlights

• Superior Sound Quality

• Omni-directional Polar Pattern

• Lightweight, Low Profile, and Rugged

• Adjustable Head-Band and Boom

• Swivel Earloops Allow for Left or Right Side Use

Product Details

The RE97-2TX-BEIGE from Bosch is a low profile, omnidirectional, condenser microphone designed for demanding applications where a hands-free microphone is required. The RE97-2Tx is intended for spoken-word use in theatrical performance, corporate AV presentations, fixed installations, houses of worship, or any venue where a fullrange, natural, and well-balanced sound is required from an inconspicuous, lightweight, head-worn microphone. The output of the RE97-2Tx is clean and accurate, while the omni-directional polar pattern ensures uniform output regardless of the microphone’s angle relative to the sound source. The RE97-2Tx head-band is easily adjusted to fit virtually any head size, is light in weight, and provides a stable base for the microphone boom.

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