TOA SOUND SYSTEM Remote Microp ...

TOA SOUND SYSTEM Remote Microphone RM‐200SA

TOA SOUND SYSTEM Remote Microphone RM‐200SA


Remote Microphone

The RM-200SA is a remote microphone designed for the Matrix System. It is equipped with 13 function switches that can be used to select individual zones or zone groups a covered switch and corresponding indicators. The optional RM-210 Remote Microphone Extension permits switches and indications to be expanded in 10-piece units.

► 13 function switches

► Zone, group, all-call paging, and activate prerecorded messages

► Emergency sequence can be started with the alarm button which is covered by a hinged lid

► Indication of system failure, line failure, busy zones, etc.

► Extraordinary clarity and freedom from distortion by built-in compression circuit

► Up to 64 remote microphones can be connected

► Covered switch prevents against accidental use

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