TOA SOUND SYSTEM Secondary Sta ...

TOA SOUND SYSTEM Secondary Stations (Internal use) RS‐144

TOA SOUND SYSTEM Secondary Stations (Internal use) RS‐144


Secondary Stations (Internal use)

The RS-144 is a switch panel designed for use with the N-8000RS or N-8010RS 2-conductor shielded station interface unit. It is equipped with an emergency button and a Normal button, and can be installed in a 1 group electrical box. By connecting a high impedance loudspeaker to it, hands-free conversation with the master station can be done via its loudspeaker. It can also be used in conjunction with the optional RS-141 IP Intercom Handset.

► Internal use

► 2 Call key

► Half-duplex communication

► Conversation handset (optional RS-141)

► Uses 100 V high impedance speakerphone for hands-free communication

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