HONEYWELL SC105 Seismic Vibrat ...

HONEYWELL SC105 Seismic Vibration Sensor (ATMs)

HONEYWELL SC105 Seismic Vibration Sensor (ATMs)


Honeywell’s SC100 Series Seismic Vibration Sensors were designed to protect high-value and high-risk assets in financial, retail and other applications.

The SC105 was designed to safeguard freestanding objects like standalone ATMs, gun cases, file cabinets, vending and ticket machines and more. The SC105 can be installed in new or existing security systems and offer a higher level of protection and false alarm immunity than traditional shock sensors, which often lack the ability to discriminate between ambient vibration and real attacks.

The SC100 Series contain several unique features that reduce installation time and costs—including a Universal setting that lets dealers choose between safes and vaults with the change of a dip switch, integrated end-of-line (EOL) resistors that improve connectivity to the control panel, a built-in diagnostic tool and a compact size that enables placement inside small areas.


• Detects attacks on Bank vault doors, ATMs, night deposit

safes, strong room vaults, modular vaults, vending machines,

freestanding safes, hatches, gates, chests and other objects with

a solid structure

• Detects attacks from
- Heavy strokes or gross attacks from sledgehammers or explosives
- Repeated knocks from hammers and chisels
- Drilling, mechanical cutting, acetylene torches, thermal cutting,

water-cooled diamond drills, water jet cutting tools, hydraulic jacks (SC100 only)

• Compact size Smallest available on market so fits easier when space is limited

• Universal (ATM and vault) The SC100 can also be used for ATMs and night

deposit safes by the simple change of a dip switch. No separate sensors are required.

• Drilling shield (standard) Protects electronics inside against sabotage

• Extended temperature Allows operation in extreme temperature

conditions (-40° F to 158° F)

• Remote sensitivity reduction input Option to reduce sensor sensitivity

remotely during maintenance on ATMs, thereby reducing false alarms

• Multi-compatible mounting plate fits on pre-fab holes Fits on most

pre-drilled mounting holes from other seismic sensors, preventing time

consuming drilling/threading. The same mounting plate can be used for

mounting on concrete and welding on steel.

• Integrated End-of-Line (EOL) resistors EOL resistors for alarm as well

as tamper loop are already incorporated, saving installation time and

reducing service calls

• Integrated temperature alarm The SC100 and SC105 will alarm

if the temperature exceeds 185° F. Additionally the SC100 version

alarms when temperature rises faster than 6° F per minute.

• Diagnostic LED Built-in tool easily selects correct sensitivity;

no time consuming external tools required

• Selectable sensitivity Four different sensitivity settings adapt to

required range and environmental conditions

• Remote testing and test transmitters Input to remotely start

functional test with help of SC113 (Internal Test Transmitter) or SC115

(External Test Transmitter). If no test transmitter is available, it is possible

to test internal electronics with this test.

• Available accessories Mounting plate, keyhole protection kit,

day/night kit, Internal Test Transmitter, armed cable and External

Test Transmitter. This range of accessories allows the SC100 and SC105

Seismic Sensors to be mounted in a wide range of applications.

• Listed to UL639

• Listed to ULC-S306


SC110► Mounting Plate
SC111► Movable Mounting Kit
SC112► Keyhole Protection Kit
SC113► Internal Test Transmitter
SC114► 5.9' Armed Cable Kit (eight wires)
SC115► External Test Transmitter
SC116►Wall Recess Mounting Kit
SC117►Floor Recess Mouting Kit
SC118►Spacer for SC112