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TOA SOUND SYSTEM Delegate's Unit TS‐912

TOA SOUND SYSTEM Delegate's Unit TS‐912


Delegate's Unit

The TS-912 is a Delegate unit with voting function that can be connected to the conference system by a cable. The TS-912 is directly connected to the TS-919B1 or TS-919B4 Bridge unit, then to the TS-910 Central unit via the TS-918 Expansion unit. Either the standard type or long type can be selected for the microphone.

► Compact and lightweight

► Equipped with removable microphone, loudspeaker and priority switch

► Chairman unit features a priority speech key

► Channel selector for conference language

► When the loudspeaker is on, the microphone is automatically turned off to avoid feedback and vice versa

► 1 recording output

► Ring shaped in-use LED indicator

► Multiple chairman‘s units can be operated simultaneously

► Easy hook-up

► 3 voting keys

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